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Summer Time in Mississippi

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I think we can all agree that it is HOT. No matter where you are, if youíre in the Northern Hemisphere, itís summer, and at least here in the U.S. itís hot just about everywhere. Between drought here in Mississippi, and that massive storm system that hammered the DC/VA/MD region a few nights ago, and higher temperatures then much of the North East has seen in years.

Things here in Mississippi are killing the grass and evaporating the lakes. The two photos below will give you some idea of how bad things are. The first is the front yard at William Faulknerís House. The grass is green here because they are watering fresh turf. I didnít think to ask if the previous had died from the heat. The second gives a good feel of how much water has been lost. That peninsula in a normal year is two different islands. It may rain tonight, and if it does it will allow businesses to stay open that depend on the lakes, and save crops.

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